People feel strongly about stuff. Stuff like pineapple on pizza. Or marzipan. Or whether it’s pronounced “jif” or “gif”. Topics like these can divide even the closest of friends.

Because we’re all about harmony at Blushing Crow, we spend our days creating something that’s unlikely to spark a heated debate or destroy a friendship. Something that everybody, from the kid down the street, to your celebrity crush, likes. T-shirts.

Although we’ve recently started going steady, T-shirts weren’t our first love. We come from a background designing and developing web applications. We still spend most of our time doing this at Fixate, but enjoy every free moment tending to our other passion, t-shirts.

Blushing Crow gives us the opportunity to design kickass products for people from around the world.

Although you might spot a common theme of technology in our designs, we plan to tackle a wide range of topics, including puns (they’re always hilarious), cats (doing all types of weird, cat-like things), and anything else that strikes our fancy. We’re constantly on the lookout for inspiration, so if you’ve got a brilliant idea for a shirt, send it our way! We’re likely to love it too!

We chose “programming” as the theme for our first range. There are an endless supply of rib-tickling developer jokes out there (which, of course, are only funny to developers). However, the accompanying designs often don’t quite cut it. We felt we had finally found our true calling. With our powers of design and programming combined, we could design amazing (or, at the very least – great) shirts about programming. Watch this space.