As you’ve undoubtedly discovered, life can be a serious bummer. Of course, this is not life’s fault. It’s most probably due to either, a) you b) another human c) the human race as a whole, or d) something inconsequential that you’ve blown way out of proportion.

Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the unexpected problems that life constantly throws our way. In this day and age with synthetic meat, plans to colonise Mars, and sunscreen pills, it seems that at the very least, there should be an app for that. Am I right?

Forgot your socks at home when packing for gym? No problem. Edit:Undo. Said something stupid in front of an attractive coworker? Who cares?! Ctrl+z. Need to drop a few pounds before squeezing into your old jeans? Problem solved! transform: scale(.8);

If you’re a frontend dev, you’ve almost certainly looked at a skew painting on a wall and wished you could apply a transform: rotate from your keyboard. If so, then CSS_irl is the subreddit for you!

CSS_irl is dedicated to describing photos and situations in-real-life using CSS selectors. It’s so funny that you don’t even have to know what CSS is to enjoy it (spoken by a former, and still practising “noob”). For the record, CSS is basically what makes websites look good (and sometimes not-so-good), instead of just white pages with black text and a couple images. It stands for “cascading style sheets” and allows developers to change colors, fonts, borders, etc.

Here are some of our CSS_irl favourites:

.cat .balloon {position:static;}

.dog {width: 70%;}

letter-spacing: -10px;

#Mustache (position: bottom; align:center)

.drink{margin-right:-50px;} (x-post from /r/PerfectTiming)

Life is going to send a never-ending stream of problems your way, but it’s how we perceive them that matters. Why not throw some code at them and have a chuckle?